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Bring your carpets and fabrics back to life without breaking the bank. Simply call A+ Cleaning Services in Chicago, Illinois, for our carpet and upholstery cleaning services.
Carpet and upholstery can collect all kinds of indoor air pollutants from dust mites, pet dander and accidents, to dirt, spills, and embarrassing odors. Let A-Plus Cleaning bring your carpets and upholstery back to life. When you use us to restore and maintain your carpet and upholstery, you will prolong their life and improve your indoor air quality.

We normally use the truck-mount steam cleaning, where the cleaning equipment is permanently mounted in the van. We park in the front or back of your home or business. Then we run the steam and vacuum hose to the areas of service. We have run the hoses as high as the 8th floor. This equipment is definitely the strongest and most effective way to restore your carpet and upholstery. For high rise buildings, we use portable equipment.

Our professionals use certified, eco-friendly cleaning products wherever we can. They are the safest for you, your children, your pets. And they are safe for the environment. If spots or stains cannot be removed with our green products, we may have to use stronger chemicals as a last resort.

Our process includes pre-treating all areas with a pre-spray to help loosen the dirt before extraction. We then treat any bad spots or stains with solutions that are appropriate for that type of spot or stain. We then use our high-powered equipment which shoots out steam, a rinse agent and a deodorizer. At the same time it vacuums the dirt , water, and cleaning products, leaving your carpet and upholstery clean, fresh, and residue free.

We move most furniture back and forth as we work. We place the furniture on Styrofoam blocks so that the wood or metal furniture doesn't stain the carpet as it dries. Some other cleaners don't maintain their equipment often enough, so their vacuums aren't as strong as they could be. We always make sure we get your carpet and upholstery as dry as we possibly can.

We can usually give a pretty accurate estimate over the phone, or we can come out for a free, no obligation estimate. We never have any hidden or extra fees. You'll find our up-front pricing to be some of the most reasonable pricing around. And the best service around.
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* There is a $125.00 minimum for all blind and carpet cleaning, and a travel fee may apply.
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